Palmark Construction Always Keeps Health And Safety At The Forefront Of Our Approach

Construction is a dangerous industry; that’s why our company strives to assure the best conditions for all of our employees.

# Both our employees and clients should be safe in the knowledge that their site of work is secure, compliant with regulations and safe whenever they set foot onto one of our construction sites. Our company prides itself on its safety record and making sure everybody goes home healthy and happy at the end of each day.

Health and safety assessments are one of the first jobs that we complete when we arrive at a new site. Health and safety compliance not only means everybody can go about their work with an ease of mind but also ensures that unavoidable disruptions to the job at hand do not happen.

On-site accidents result in delays and setbacks, pushing up costs and wiping out budgets. Our proactive approach to health and safety reduces these problems so that we can complete our client’s requests in a timely, accurate manner. Every member of the our team has been trained in health and safety to ensure they comply with nationwide regulations.

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