Palmark Construction Has A Long List Of Happy Clients Who Have Enjoyed Using Our Services To Successfully Execute Their Restoration Briefs

Concrete has a natural tendency to shrink and this can lead to cracks appearing in the surface of a slab.

# While this may be an eyesore for many, concrete cracking can also be a suggestion of underlying problems that can affect the structural quality of a construction. For this reason, Palmark Construction uses crack injections to heal concrete from the inside-out.

To provide maximum quality and choice to our clients, we offer both high-pressure and low-pressure crack injection options, with epoxy and specialized polyutherane fillers – approved by world-renowned constructors, Multiurethanes Ltd.

High and low-pressure injection allows us to offer different levels of penetration depending on the needs of your job. Our difference fillers each offer advantages of their use, depending on the positioning of the cracks. The years of experience and vast catalogue of experts that we bring to each job enables us to entirely restore cracks in concrete surfaces without further damaging a structure. This is a sensitive job that we carry out with aplomb.