Bring Your Balcony Back To It's Functional And Aesthetic Best

Balconies a great luxury to enjoy, though they must be safe and secure if they are to be used fully.

# At Palmark Construction, we are able to put our engineering expertise to use to rehabilitate your beloved balcony to its glory. We are able to improve both aesthetic and functional mechanics to give you a balcony you can be proud of and feel safe when using.

Common reasons for repair are: damage from water and salt seepage, fire damage, and corrosion of the rebar structure. After years of use, a balcony health check is always sensible – particularly in an extreme weather environment like Ontario. Palmark Construction understands that each balcony is different and that a balcony has a very apparent effect on the appearance of your building. Construction style, material, and position all make a difference to the way restoration should be handled. We are happy to add waterproofing to your balcony to improve its longevity.

What’s more? Working at a height is not a problem for us owing to our industry-renowned health and safety standards and construction equipment.