Care For Your Ramp With Palmark Constructions’s Specialized Ramp Restoration Services

As access points in and out of buildings and parking areas, ramps are integral to the access of your property.

# Ramps experience constant vehicular traffic and need intermittent restoration, causing unwanted delays and costs. Slippery surfaces and icing can increase the likelihood of accidents on ramps that lead to more problems. Palmark Construction can provide a robust health check for your ramp to make sure that these maintenance and repair requirements are as infrequent as possible.

Our ramp restoration services offer snow melting systems to reduce the costs and liabilities associated with slippery ramps. Ramp and stair heating cable systems help to remove frost and snow without the need to corrosive salt or melting chemicals. We are able to install concrete draining systems so that rainwater and snowmelt are efficiently carried away and don’t pool or cause puddles.

On top of this, we also offer concrete pumping and restoration that includes the implementation of retaining walls, as well as tuck-pointing, vertical, ledge beam and soffit concrete pumping, as well as gunite application.