Increase The Life Expectancy Of Your Structure’s Foundations With Our Foundation Wall Repair Services

For the health of your building and the longevity of its life, it is imperative to keep its foundation in healthy, robust condition.

# Solid foundations support the entirety of your building. Palmark Construction’s foundation wall repairs promise to provide that life-long support. Our techniques are informed by a combination of experience and tools that are at the forefront of construction innovation.

Crack and leak repair is a common service we offer. We use polyurethane injection products that have been approved by world-leading construction materials supply, Multiurethanes Ltd, to shore up leaks and prevent water damage. Our blueskin waterproofing services provide a high-performance, high-density polyethylene water barrier to protect foundations from seeping water, and can also help against frost.

While preventative measures are ideal to guard against future damage, we also offer services to correct the damage that has already occurred. We can work on structural footing repairs to maintain and uphold the foundations of your building and shield against settling. Water may have damage footing or soil shift may have jeopardised safety.