Secure The Safety Of Your Construction, Regardless Of Movement

Building materials and buildings themselves can be vulnerable to expansion, stretch, and depression due to a number of forces.

# Buildings will sway very slightly in strong winds and those forces are multiplied when there is a seismic event. Concrete, used throughout most major constructions, can expand and contract due to changes in the weather – a fact of particular importance in the winters of Ontario. All of this can crack and damage structural concrete at an early age.

That’s where expansion joints come into play. Palmark Construction will build expansion joints into your construction that help to mitigate against the expansion and contraction of concrete due to thermal variables. And with concrete’s natural tendency to shrink over time – regardless of external factors – expansion joints are an important security measure in the overall welfare of your building.

We can install pre-fabricated expansion joints as well as looped expansion joints if required. We are an approved of one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality joints, Erie Metal, as well as Tremco Rubber and Bitumen expansion joints.